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The DNA of the Church (March 2021)

The Church in Perilous Times (February 2021)

For Such a Time as This (January 2021)

What Can the Righteous Do? (December 2020)

It's Time to Get Your Fight Back! (November 2020)

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists, Part 2 (October 2020)

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists, Part 1 (September 2020)

Is Your Family a Covenant Family? (August 2020)

Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold (July 2020)

Christian Community (June 2020)

Are You Listening (May 2020)

Peace or Panic? (April 2020)

The Conflict Within (March 2020)

20-20 Vision (February 2020)

Understanding the Times (January 2020)

Born at the Right Time (December 2019)

The God-Seekers (November 2019) 

Seeing the Invisible (October 2019)

Honoring the Old, Blessing the New (September 2019)

Hearing Ears or Itching Ears? (August 2019)

Living Like You're Born Again (July 2019) 

Restoring a Culture of Honor (June 2019)

God High and Holy (May 2019)

The Call of Eternity (April 2019)

Holy Discontent--The Journey Begins (March 2019)

Identity Lost--Identity Regained (February 2019)

Pain in Paradise (January 2019)

Jesus, the Light of Men (December 2018)

Building Strong Families (November 2018) 

Are You Giving in the Light of Eternity? (October 2018)

Are You Living in the Light of Eternity? (September 2018)

Search Me, O God (August 2018) 

The Importance of Forgiveness (July 2018)

The Fields are White for Harvest (June 2018)

Be Clothed with Humility (May 2018)

Remember From Where You Have Fallen (April 2018)

When God Brings About Change (March 2018)

God is Looking for Vessels (February 2018)

Watching Unto Prayer (January 2018) 

What is in Your Hand? (December 2017)

A Matter of the Heart (November 2017) 

It Was For Freedom that Christ Set Us Free! (October 2017)

Amazing Grace! (September 2017)

Rivers of Living Water (August 2017)

Fellowship of the Burning Hearts (July 2017)

Victory through Praise (June 2017)

Ushering in the King of Glory (May  2017)

Arise! Shine! For Your Light Has Come! (April 2017)

The Importance of Spiritual Vision (March 2017)

Revival and the Kingdom (February 2017)

O Lord, Revive Your Work (January 2017)