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Watching Unto Prayer (January 2018) 

What is in Your Hand? (December 2017)

A Matter of the Heart (November 2017) 

It Was For Freedom that Christ Set Us Free! (October 2017)

Amazing Grace! (September 2017)

Rivers of Living Water (August 2017)

Fellowship of the Burning Hearts (July 2017)

Victory through Praise (June 2017)

Ushering in the King of Glory (May  2017)

Arise! Shine! For Your Light Has Come! (April 2017)

The Importance of Spiritual Vision (March 2017)

Revival and the Kingdom (February 2017)

O Lord, Revive Your Work (January 2017)

The Journey (December 2016)

Hearing, Doing, and Being (November 2016)

The Importance of Faithfulness (October 2016)

Gender Clarity or Gender Confusion? (September 2016)

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep (August 2016)

The Responsibility of Freedom (July 2016)

Oh, Taste and See that the LORD is Good! (June 2016)

Heavenly Perspective in Perilous Times (May 2016)

Today, If You Will Hear His Voice (April 2016)

Revival, A Matter of the Heart (March 2016)

Prayer: Key to Revival (February 2016)

My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer (January 2016)

Behold, I Do a New Thing! (December 2015)

It is Time to Get Back to Work! (November 2015)

Dry Bones Live! (October 2015)

Be Filled with the Spirit (September 2015)

Wisdom from Below and Above (August 2015)

The Revival Encounter (July 2015)

The Revival Highway (June 2015)

The Revival Reformation (May 2015)

The Revival Prayer (April 2015)

The Revival Attitude (March 2015)

The Revival Core (February 2015)

The Importance of Prophetic Vision (January 2015)

Are You Bored with God? (December 2014)

God's Antidote for Sin (November 2014)

It is Finished! (October 2014)

Jesus Christ and Him Crucified (September 2014)

The Prince of Peace (August 2014)

The REAL Jesus (July 2014)

Lord, Send a HOLY Revival (June 2014)

God's NOT Dead! (May 2014)

Sola Scriptura (April 2014)

The Bread of God (March 2014)

Saved from What? (February 2014)

Praying According to the Will of God (January 2014)

The Incarnation and Virgin Birth (December 2013)

Winning the War Within (November 2013)

The Spirit-Filled Church (October 2013)

The Day of the LORD (September 2013)

Righteousness or Wrath? (August 2013)

Money and the Bible, Part 3 (July 2013)

Money and the Bible, Part 2 (June 2013)

Money and the Bible, Part 1 (May 2013)

Spiritual Stability (April 2013)

Behold, the Lamb of God! (March 2013)

Walking in Victory (February 2013)

The Centrality of the Cross (January 2013)

The Providence of God (December 2012)

Acceptable Worship (November 2012)

Unacceptable Worship, Part 2 (October 2012)

Unacceptable Worship, Part 1 (September 2012)

Worship and God's Throne (August 2012)

Misconceptions about Worship (July 2012)

Revival of True Worship (June 2012)

Grace, Grace to It! (May 2012) 

A Vessel (April 2012)

A Voice (March 2012)

By My Spirit (February 2012)

Doing the First Works (January 2012)

The Importance of Prayer (December 2011)

Honor to Whom Honor (August 2011)

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit, Part 4 (July 2011)

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit, Part 3 (June 2011)

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit, Part 2 (May 2011)

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit, Part 1 (April 2011)

The Kingdom of God Suffers Violence (March 2011)

Hearing and Discerning the Voice of God (February 2011)

Upon This Rock (January 2011)

When the LORD Comes to His Temple (December 2010)

Be Strong and of Good Courage (November 2010)

Can These Dry Bones Live? (October 2010)

Discerning the Season for Revival (September 2010) 

God's Purpose for Revival (August 2010)

Lord, Send Revival (July 2010)

The Need for Discernment (June 2010)

Loving People as God Loves People (May 2010)

The Greatest of These is Love (April 2010)

The Jesus Model for Leadership (March 2010)

Idolatry, Conscience, & Love (February 2010)

Celibacy and Marriage (January 2010)

Love and Liberty (December 2009)

Christians and Conflict (November 2009)

Church Discipline (October 2009)

Fools of Pride or Fools for Christ? (September 2009)

Peddlers, Pedestals, and Preachers (August 2009)

The Man, the Church, and the Ministry (July 2009)

Partisanship in the Church (June 2009)

The Wisdom of God (May 2009)

The Message of the Cross (April 2009)

The Fruit of the Spirit (March 2009)

The Need for Discernment (February 2009)

Holy Discontent (January 2009)

Recognizing Christ in the Midst (December 2008)

The Church's DNA-Christ in the Midst (November 2008)

A Heart Set on Pilgrimage (October 2008)

Do Not Fret Because of Evil Doers (September 2008)

The Refuge of Lies (August 2008)