The Devil's Bad Attitudes

© E. Keith Hassell

Blessed are the proud,

For they shall be wise in their own eyes.

Blessed are the rebellious,

For they shall be called my children.

Blessed are the unforgiving,

For they shall never be forgiven.

Blessed are those who sow discord,

For they shall separate the brethren.

Blessed are those who bring division,

For they shall accomplish my vision.

Blessed are the easily offended,

For they shall never be established.

Blessed are the critics,

For they shall act as my judges.

Blessed are the unsubmitted,

For they shall be my slaves.

Blessed are the disobedient,

For they are obedient to me.

Blessed are those claim to be led by God to do their own will

For they are led by me.

Blessed are the unmerciful,

For they shall not receive mercy.

Blessed are the envious,

For they shall resent the advantage of others.

Blessed are the self-centered,

For they shall be the center of my attention.

Blessed are those who seek recognition,

For they shall be noticed by me.

Blessed are the easily offended,

For they shall become angry and quit.

Blessed are the self-righteous,

For they shall be self-justified.

Blessed are the fault-finders,

For they uncover a multitude of sins.

Blessed are the accusers,

For they are my prosecuting attorneys.

Blessed are the excuse makers,

For they shall never accept the blame.

Blessed are those who hate their brother,

For they have me as their father.

Blessed are the do-nothings,

For they shall wear out the diligent.

Blessed are the troublemakers,

For they shall oppress the saints.

Blessed are the ungrateful,

For they shall always feel they deserve more.

Blessed are the gossipers,

For they shall be called my messengers.

Blessed are the unfaithful,

For they are faithful to my cause.

Blessed are those who expect to be invited to their own church,

For they are important to me.

Blessed are those who will not serve others,

For they will always serve me.

Blessed are those who murmur and complain,

For they always hear my voice.

Blessed are those who persecute the righteous,

For they are soldiers in my army.

Blessed are those who do not pray,

For they shall become my prey.



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