Putting Away Mixture

In Ezra 9-10 we find an interesting account of the consequences associated with compromise and mixture. The Jews who had returned from Babylonian captivity disobeyed the LORD and intermarried with pagan wives and had children. As an act of repentance, they agreed to put away their pagan wives and the children they had with them. Think about it. Putting away a wife and children must have been very difficult and heart wrenching. They had learned to love things outside of God's will. They had developed intimacy, affection, and interest in things that God were contrary to God's covenant. So it is when we involve ourselves in mixture whether of the flesh or spirit. Our involvement with mixture bears an illegitimate fruit that we love but God hates. We are resistive to put away the "ministry" or "fruit" we have born while involved in mixture. But if we are going to be true to God, God will require us to put away our mixture and the offspring of compromise. Abraham had to do with Ishmael before Isaac could take his place. Ishmael despised and mocked Isaac. So will the children of compromise (the flesh) despise and mock the true seed (the spirit). In this sense, these "children" of the flesh will resist the true covenant work of God. It is a grievous thing to acknowledge our sin and put away false ministries birthed in the flesh, but failing to do so will prevent us from producing righteous seed who can inherit and walk in covenant blessing.