Memorial Stones

Yesterday Grace Fellowship celebrated our 25th Church Anniversary! I want to thank everyone who attended and especially those who worked hard to prepare for our celebration. During the preparations for the service, the Lord impressed upon me Joshua chapter 4 regarding the memorial stones that would remind future generations of what God had done. As I reviewed the past twenty-five years, I was impressed with thirty-two things that needed to be highlighted for future generations. I wrote each of these things on a different stone and placed them on a table as a memorial for future generations in our church. I am calling this the "Memorial Table" that will showcase these "Memorial Stones". It will grace our church sanctuary as a continual reminder of what the Lord has done. When we forget the good things God has done we either become unthankful or become lifted up in pride. We need to be reminded of where we came from in order to better understand where we are going. I hope you will take time today to reflect upon the important events in your past that God used to bring you to where you are today.