How Is Your Vision?

Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” 
David Yonggi Cho, founder of the largest church in the world in Seoul, Korea, said about vision:  “Show me your vision, and I will show you your future!” What a powerful statement! The question then begs to be asked, “How is OUR vision?” and “How is YOUR vision?”

There is no doubt that natural vision is important. Without natural vision, opportunity may surround us, but we have no ability to perceive it. Therefore we cannot pursue what we cannot perceive. In addition to natural vision, there is another type of vision—spiritual vision. Spiritual vision is the vision of the heart. If we have no spiritual vision in our heart, we will not perceive and pursue God’s purpose for our life. We all need to walk with a sense of purpose or destiny. We all need spiritual vision to do that.  Without spiritual vision we stumble around in darkness. A lack of vision leads to frustration, disappointment and, in the end, a wasted life. 

The condition of our vision is also important. Perfect vision is 20/20.  With 20/20 vision we are able to see both far and near with clear focus.  Farsightedness is a vision problem in which we see things at a distance most clearly.  Nearsightedness is a vision problem in which we see things close up most clearly.  Either way, our vision is hindered. 

When it comes to spiritual vision, it is also important to have “20/20” vision.  Unfortunately many are spiritually “farsighted.”  They are “dreamers” who always talk about what God is going to do “one day.” They are full of enthusiasm but nothing ever materializes. Why?  Their vision is unbalanced. They lack the ability to see the importance of daily steps of obedience that move them toward the overall vision.  On the other hand, many are spiritual “nearsighted.” They have no long-range vision. They cannot see the bigger picture. Their focus is on the daily challenges without any sense of purpose or destination. Because they have no long-range vision, they perceive every temporary problem or setback as a devastation. They cannot see these challenges as part of God’s character building process. Rather than allow God to form their character, they always look for another “quick fix” to solve the problem. However, these quick fixes are only Band-Aids that will never fix the root problem.  The problems persist until they catch the vision for what God has planned for them and then commit to God’s process to get there. Healthy spiritual vision is 20/20.  20/20 vision sees clearly the destination in the distance while also seeing the daily steps to get there.

Healthy vision enables us to rest as well as work. Vision makes rest possible because it knows that God has determined the destination, has mapped out the journey, and is leading the way.  Vision also “works” by being obedient to take every step to follow the Lord. 

So, how is your vision? Are you walking with spiritual vision from the Lord? Spiritual vision is a revelation of the mind and purpose of God. Without vision we will “drift” toward sin and complacency. Don’t be deceived. If we don’t receive vision from God, Satan is sure to give us a substitute.  He will give us a carnal “dream” for life that robs us of God’s plan.  Many have lived and died without ever knowing why they were created. What a waste of a life!  Without a vision from God, we focus on negative experiences or on temporal fulfillment rather than on obtaining the promises of God.  Like a Polaroid snapshot, what we focus on will “develop.”  Don’t settle for long-range vision that produces no short-range obedience. Don’t settle for short-range vision that is disconnected from God’s eternal purpose. Ask God to give you a healthy vision for your life.
Prayer:  “Heavenly Father, give me 20/20 spiritual vision.  Give Me Your long-range vision for my life and the short-range vision that I need to take the next step.  Help me to be at rest in Your final destiny for my life and to work through obedience to follow You each step of the way. I thank You for giving me the vision that I need. I pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”