Don't Be Deceived by the Devil's Distortions

One of the greatest tools the devil uses to deceive a generation is to take Biblical terminology, distort its meaning, and then replace it for the original meaning. Examples include "Jesus", "Holy Spirit", "Grace", "Truth", "Hell", "Judging", "Christian", "Church", "Gospel", "Revival", "Marriage", "Family", "Freedom", "Rights", "Tolerance", "Love", and a host of other things. The devil has worked so masterfully in this biblically illiterate age that we are living in a time when Truth is now regarded as a lie and the lie is regarded as the truth, when good is regarded as evil and evil is regarded as good, when light is regarded as darkness and darkness is regarded as light, and when those who stand for God's Truth are regarded as bigots and those who defend and promote perversion are regarded as liberators. This is the Satan's means to bring in the great apostasy among "Christians" prior to the revelation of the man of lawlessness upon the earth. I came across some notes from a graduation I attended several years ago. Judge Cynthia Kent's words are truer now than then.

"We are living in an age of distortions. People are taking foundational concepts such as the family and distorting them until they are unable to be recognized. There really is a right and there really is a wrong. We must confront these distortions by confronting them--challenging them--with the truth. The power of distortion is in who is asking in the questions.


Pick a number between 2-10.

Multiply that number by nine.

Add the two numbers in the two digits together.

Subtract 5 from that number.

Transpose the number to a letter (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.)

Pick a country or state that starts with that letter.

Take the second letter in that name and think of a circus animal that starts with that letter and its color.

(Note: The answer is below. No peeking!)

The truth is not complicated for those who believe the Word."

--Judge Cynthia Kent, Tyler Christian Fellowship School Graduation, May, 1993

Don't be fooled by the devil's distortions! Stay true to the Word of God.

(ANSWER: Gray Elephant)