Don't be a flake!

I've been around and seen many fads come and go in the body of Christ. The problem is that when people are not grounded in the objective truths of the Word of God, they are blown this way and that way by every wind of doctrine and experience. A few years ago I read and saved this description of "Flake-ism" by Lora Allison. I think it is just as valid today. Let's all make a decision not to be a flake. Enjoy!
FLAKE-ISM:  Think of paint
1. A flake is characterized by “non-stick-to-it-iveness.”
2. A flake refuses to surrender individual recognition in order to blend into the rest of the covering as one unit.
3. In the beginning, a flake begins to detach and then air separates (“airhead”).  This separation is a vicious cycle.  Separateness often looks beguiling.
4. When finally detached a flake flits and floats blown by every slight breeze.
5. Because they are blown this way and that, a flake has no choice or control of its destination.
6. Generally a flake ends up lying in some trashy corner forgotten and useless.
7. A flake always has a better idea.
8. A flake is very opinionated.
9. A flake is immature.
10. A flake is not grounded in Truth.
11. A flake is always listening to voices, especially when they say what they want to hear.
12. Flake-ism sometimes grows out of immaturity and a lack of wisdom.
13. Flake-ism is encouraged by a lack of structure.  Proper structure encourages proper growth.  Charismatics sometimes throw out the baby with the bath water and do away with all structure.  A river without banks becomes a marsh.