Adapting to Change

Currently our church is adapting to a different way of worshiping and communicating as a church. This was in some way forced upon us by a little microscopic virus and the recommendations of our government. We are cooperating. We will not have physical gatherings but will live stream our services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings on our website and church Facebook page. We will also have a live conference call prayer/share meeting on Sunday evenings. Be involved! Get others involved! Check our church Facebook page and website for details. I don’t like change. I know you don’t like it either. But change is sometimes required. We like our “customary” worship venue and often believe it is required. Can we worship God outside of the “building”. Can we adapt? Will the Lord bless it? The Lord is reminding us that the church is not the building. It is not even the Sunday morning worship hour. The church is you and me. It is about relationship with God and one another. Relationships can grow outside the building. Paul and Silas had to learn to worship God in a prison cell. They worshiped and others noticed. Sometimes our worship has become so customary that no one notices anymore. But now, what will these “Christians” do when they can’t be in their “building”? Does the church die or thrive? Because Paul and Silas were willing to worship in a different setting, those outside the church were impacted. We must learn to adapt with the season and let our light shine. The world is listening. The world is watching. A harvest of souls is waiting.